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Partnerships Produce Results at All Levels
PartTec is a true Partner in Technology. We offer a unique Open Partnering Model. Partners are accepted into the collaboration effort very openly, using all capabilities to achieve a shared goal. PartTec is dedicated to finding opportunities for successful partnerships between scientists, universities, laboratories and other companies. These working relationships produce outcomes that individual partners would not accomplish as effectively.

PartTec has worked in partnership with the labs and organizations listed below. In each partnership, PartTec looked for new ways to improve product using the methods of Design for Manufacturability, Concurrent Engineering, and rigorous Quality Control and Improvement.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Neutron Science Division, Spallation Neutron Source
PartTec is the outsource for the design, engineering, quality control and manufacturing of detectors for the POWGEN and VULCAN neutron scattering instruments at the Spallation Neutron Source. PartTec has acquired exclusive world-wide rights, from the Department of Energy, to manufacture and market this line of detectors.

Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter (CEEM) at Indiana University
PartTec collaborated on research and development projects on particle beam detector technologies.

Indiana University Chemistry Department
PartTec collaborated on research and development projects on material science technologies, especially nanomaterials.

Department of Defense, Department of the Army, SBIR Program Office
PartTec received both a Phase I and a Phase II STTR grant to help fund research on Instrumental Probes of Nanomaterials in Polymeric Matrices for the Department of Defense. The work performed for the Department of Defense was research on Instrumental Probes of Nanomaterials in Polymeric Matrices.

Department of Energy, SBIR Program Office
PartTec has been awarded several DOE competitive SBIR grants. Work performed for the DOE included a high resolution Scintillating Neutron Detector; characterization of optical effects of nanomaterials in scintillators; and Quantum Dot based Scintillators.

University of Notre Dame
PartTec designed an extension to the Notre Dame's 8 MeV electron beam to allow an additional 4 experimental target stations. This design has been submitted to the Department of Energy by Notre Dame as a part of a funding request for upgrading the research laboratory.

Indiana Economic Development Corporation
The IEDC has matched every Phase I SBIR grant PartTec has received. This State agency has also supplied advice and networked PartTec with resources throughout the State. PartTec and the IEDC continue to work as partners in bringing high-technology projects to Southern Indiana.

Purdue University Technical Assistance Program
PartTec worked with the Purdue Technical Assistance Program to analyze a complex assembly and quality control process design.

Rhode Island Nuclear Science Center
PartTec assisted with the facilities' renovation for the 2 MW University Nuclear Reactor. In addition, PartTec built and delivered two Helium-3 detectors for the facility's small angle neutron scattering instrument.