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Helium-3 Crisis

Innovation Subverting Crisis

Helium-3 is a nontoxic byproduct of producing nuclear weapons and was essential in nuclear radiation detection, oil and gas operations and medical diagnostics. Despite the post Cold War virtual halt of U.S. nuclear weapons production, there remained a substantial surplus of helium-3 - until the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. The resulting scramble for nuclear radiation detection devices quickly drained the surplus, created a worldwide helium-3 crisis, and exposed a significant security gap. The demand for nuclear radiation detection devices was not met, and the technology to work without helium-3 simply didn't exist. PartTec, Ltd. quickly mobilized to design, test and manufacture one of the only proven non helium-3 nuclear radiation detectors available to the marketplace. This rapidly positioned us as an industry thought leader, and provides us with a rapid growth opportunity.

April 6, 2010
Alternatives to Helium-3 Detectors for Neutron Scattering Instruments
AAAS Workshop Presentation by Ron Cooper, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

April 22, 2010
Caught by Surprise: Causes and Consequences of the Helium-3 Crisis
Hearing before the U.S. House of Representative Committee on Science & Technology Subcommittee on Investigations & Oversight

Spring 2010
Nuclear Weapons Detection: An Opportunity for Cryogenics or a Hindrance? Part 2. A Hindrance
Cryo Frontiers by Dr. Ray Radebaugh
Spring 2010 issue of Cold Facts (Vol. 26, Number 2), copyright Cryogenic Society of America, Inc.

Congressional Committee on Science & Technology
Outline of objectives Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN) has for the Congressional Committee

The Solution

PartTec's neutron detector technology does not require Helium-3. Check out our products that present a solution to the Helium-3 crisis.