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Large Area Neutron Detector (Cutlass)

The Cutlass product line is especially designed for neutron detection in the rugged environments of land, sea, or air. As a major improvement over traditional neutron detector technology, the non-helium-3 (3He) Cutlass is robust enough to provide moving detection of critical neutron sources.

Developed as part of a fieldable neutron detector for military and security applications, the Cutlass has been tested against numerous neutron sources in transportable applications. These sources were placed in strategic locations on stationary targets. The neutron sources were detected at ranges of 10, 20, and 30 meters while the detector was traveling up to 6 knots.

The Cutlass utilizes PartTec’s licensed technologies for neutron detection and meets the ANSI N42.43-2006 – American National Standard Performance Criteria for Mobile and Transportable Radiation Monitors Used for Homeland Security. The purpose of this standard is to establish the testing and evaluation criteria for transportable and/or mobile radiation monitors used in Homeland Security applications.

The Cutlass optionally provides directional neutron detection with high accuracy. Directional detection is critical for large target (ships, train yards, warehouses, etc.) interrogation. Using the Cutlass Transportable Neutron Detector, directional detection can be achieved quickly.

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